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This is a Japanese curry rice chain restaurant very popular with Americans. Back in my Navy days, it was very common to overhear sailors talking about starting off a night on the town by eating CoCo Ichibanya curry. Everybody seemed to love it. Thinking upon that now, I can understand why. CoCo Ichibanya gives western customers just about everything they want in a restaurant experience. High levels of convenience, great taste (and a great smell too, according to their motto), as well as the...
You’ve gotten to Okinawa and so much is new, including many large and sometimes loud creatures. From giant, flying beasts to things that hide in the closet, here’s a little breakdown: I remember my first nights in Okinawa. Of course, my husband was immediately sent on deployment. So, young and alone, I slept in a tiny off-base, Okinawa-style apartment. In the middle of the night, a croaking noise brought me to a fully woken state. What was in the room with me, and where???? I fitfully spent...
Well, Orion Beer released their WATTA chuhai brand on May 14, 2019 and I was determined then to give them a try. However, each store I visited that day had already sold out. In fact, I've heard rumors of some supermarkets selling them the day before their official release, which explained the empty shelves when I sought them out! But alas, tonight while making my routine stop at Family Mart on my dog walk, I saw that they were finally stocked to the brim with Orion WATTA Relax, WATTA...
Two weeks ago, our official Facebook Page, Okinawa Questions, posted a poll on behalf of a discussion taking place in our Okinawa Questions forum. Within the thread, there was a Family Mart leaning discussion with members such as @WA6 chiming in to say that they spend nearly 1/4th of their income at Family Mart as it is in close proximity to their house. The founder of Okinawa.Org, @David, then stated that all his spare change primary goes to Family Mart, but would settle on Lawson if...