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I was on a mission. My objective: To find the best beaches within a reasonable driving distance from Kadena Air Base (no more than 30 minutes). The result? Some locations held no surprises, while others offered unexpected experiences. If you want to be an informed beach bum this summer, you gotta know before you go. Here are the 5 best beaches near Kadena Air Base. Araha Beach About a 25-minute drive from Kadena Gate 1. Araha is the "official" beach of Chatan Town and arguably the most...
A trip to the beach can sometimes involve a lot of logistics. Food, parking, water sports equipment, researching if it is safe or not, etc. Sometimes the fun is in all the planning for a more remote getaway. Other times, I just want to go somewhere where all of that is taken care of for me. During those beach trip days where I am feeling a bit lazy, I head to Kadena Marina. Kadena Marina is a beach resort-like area located on a section of the ocean reserved for the US military. However...
As Okinawa is surrounded by water, you don't need to travel very far to find a beach. However, you sometimes might need to go out of your way in order to satisfy your entire family, pets included. There's a beach that you might be passing day-in-day-out on your way to work, to and from PARCO CITY, or just when driving around Okinawa, and not even realizing it. Its name is Satohama Beach and its the only beach in Urasoe City. When the tides are just right, it offers something for...
As you can probably name a lot of things that you would like to do at a beach, finding the beach that allows you to do all of the things you want to do could be just a little difficult. Let's say, you'd love to go for a swim in the water and what you'd want after you get your feet back on the sand is a cold beer that doesn't get warm quickly under the sun. Or, you want to try snorkeling for the first time and need assistance. Or this time, perhaps you can't even get in the water because...