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  • Okinawa Events Released!
    The calendar was quite a long time in the making to get it almost just right. There are a few more adjustments that need to be made, and, we're...
  • Okinawa Fear Factor Food
    I sure do love the different ways they make and package squid "jerky" here too! 🤤😄
  • Okinawa Fear Factor Food
    ` I lived on Okinawa 9 years at three different times. [1966 through 1983] I always ate local foods. However, the unique foods shown in this...
  • Restaurant Customs And Courtesies
    I see a lot of places with tip jars too. I think that is from so many Americans being on Okinawa.
  • Restaurant Customs And Courtesies
    I was always under the impression that tipping in Okinawa, and Japan, was rude. This is because the information about tipping being rude is so...

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When we very first got to Okinawa, we were eager to try all the new foodstuffs. Many items looked strange and exciting. But we found one item that looked comfortable and familiar. Six doughnut holes topped with creamy icing and what looked like a garnish of chocolate. We popped one in and, "What in tarnation?" This was NOT a doughnut hole. While not horrible tasting, my mouth, expecting the sweetness of a dessert, wigged out at the octopus ball with a horseradish and soy sauce topping. Yes...
I believe that most people traveling or getting stationed overseas are interested in local cuisine. However, sometimes it is hard to find places to get good local food other than the ones introduced in magazines. These places tend to not only be packed with tourists but can also be very pricey as well. To experience real local food, you don't have to look for a fancy restaurant. Try a shokudo! Shokudos are everywhere in Okinawa. These casual restaurants serve a good portion of local...