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  • The Coldest Of Winter In Okinawa
    it sure is cold and it's been raining for a while making going out not a comfortable experience at all!
  • Living As A Vegan In Okinawa
    I'm not a vegan either. I would literally starve without meat! I know that there are health risks associated with meat consumption but eat it...
  • The Coldest Of Winter In Okinawa
    Well, that makes sense as to why I woke up earlier than normal curled up in a ball. Throughout the winter, I usually still sleep with a fan on...
  • Living As A Vegan In Okinawa
    I'm not vegan and I don't think I can ever be, but I do think it is a good think to be. Though, I have been wondering if it's healthy not to have...
  • Drug Smuggling Down 38% Over Previous Year
    So I suppose every line of work is effected during the pandemic...

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When it is very usual to see many Americans hanging out in specific areas up north, I’ve noticed that the majority of them haven’t yet discovered other great places to hang out in the southern areas of Okinawa. So, I thought that I’d share this remarkable place that my family and I like to go to whenever we feel like getting away from the daily hassle. Umikaji Terrace on Senega Island is located just a mere 10-minute drive south of Naha Airport if you were to travel Route 58 or 10 minutes...
I know many of you have spent the New Years a few times on Okinawa already, but have you ever wondered what the locals do to celebrate it? If you answered, “get drunk,” you’re not completely wrong! If you’d like to be a part of the celebration next year, here’s everything that you have to know about the goings-on: While Christmas may arguably be the most important, family-oriented, holiday for you in the States, New Year, or shogatsu rather, is the biggest one in Japan. Because of this...