News 700 Crimson Flowers Blooming in Haebaru (Video)

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The Haebaru Town Central Community Center has a flowerbed that is planted with around 700 red spider lilies (Lycoris radiata). They are currently in full bloom before entering Autumn Equinoctial Week (September 19, 2020 – September 25, 2020). The flowers provide for a beautiful crimson color to the surrounding area and attract many butterflies.

Red spider lilies is a plant in the Amaryllidaceae family. They stand approximately 50 to 70 centimeters in height without any branches, leaves, or knots protruding from them.

The flowers began to bloom last weekend and are now in full bloom.

The director of the public hall, Toshio Oshiro, stated that management does not fertilize the grass. The only maintenance done to the flowerbed is the occasional weed picking. He also encourages everyone to go see the beautiful flowers while they are in bloom.

Cover photo courtesy of Yasuhide Matayoshi.
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