Ages: All ages
Location: Central
Coordinates: 26.3156743,127.9261143
Address: Yonashiroyakena, Uruma, Okinawa 904-2304
Cost: 0

Notes: Yabuchi-jima is an uninhabited island (if you don't count the mosquitos, cats, mongooses, and crazy looking chickens). It's used mainly for farming... and sadly for dumping trash by the irresponsible. Negatives aside, this island has a lot of early Ryukyuan history (too much to tell; feel free to research). The connecting bridge overlooks the Yakena Straits which is usually a brilliant picturesque shade of blue in good weather. The main road is paved to a certain point and then becomes gravel. Most people prefer to park at the end of the paved section (off to the side of course) and then walk because the gravel section is so narrow.


*Trail: 26°19'12.2"N 127°55'25.5"E

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Up a way is a pretty wide trail that cuts through the jungle and leads to the beach. It will be on the left-hand side and just before a set of power lines with a platform. The trail goes over a hump and then drops down (this section is fairly rocky), then levels out to flat ground. The hike takes about 15 mins to complete if you don't stop to admire the scenery. Just before the beach is a power box of some sort on a pole. The beach isn't a good place to chill or swim but it's still nice for beach combing. There's quite a bit of debris left from the typhoons.

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The best part (in my opinion) is all the great bleached driftwood. The abundant wood is excellent for crafting or complementing beach themed decor. I snagged a piece once that had to hang out the windows of the car. Much to my husband's dismay, I refused to cut it, especially after how far we had walked with it.

*Cave: See map below

Once done with the trail, check out the main attraction of the island, Janeh Cave. This gorgeous wonder is awesome just to look at. There are tons of shrines in this cave and is still used for prayer in the present day. If you see locals praying, be respectful, quiet, and give space. There is an ongoing archaeological dig on the left side but there's still plenty to see if you are careful. Take as many pictures as you can.


I recommend kids no younger than 8 if you choose to explore inside. It's muddy, there are bats, and cave centipedes about the size of a woman's 8 ½ shoe. Be aware of the shrines and do not damage or disturb them. If it looks manmade or intentionally placed, it's most likely a shrine.

As always, stay on the path, and keep an eye out for habu just to be safe. Bug spray is a must!

Nearby: Yakena Strait observatory, Henza-jima Sea Culture Museum, Hamahiga-jima, Miyagi-jima, Ikei-jima, White Beach, Katsuren-jo, King Tacos.

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