Shuri-jo Neighborhood

Ages: All ages
Location: South
Coordinates: 26.2170135,127.7174066
Address: 1 Chome-2 Shurikinjocho, Naha, Okinawa 903-0815
Cost: ¥ ¥ (Parking Fees)

Notes: Shuri-jo is the most famous castle here. It used to be the "capital" of the Ryukyus. The current building is a reconstruction as the original remains were destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa. You can park at Shuri or one of the numerous hourly lots nearby. Entrance to the main castle requires a ticket. However, the surrounding grounds, shrines, and other historical buildings are free. It's hilly and there are multiple sets of stairs; so if it's a necessity, I recommend an umbrella stroller. On the grounds, there is a pond that is home to ducks and turtles, numerous overlooks, and a few shaded paths. There are several photo opportunities as well.

SL-01.jpg SL-02.jpg

Shuri-jo is interesting by itself, however, there is a lot to see in the neighborhood. Just around the corner is the Sairaiin (Daruma) Temple (also free. Map: だるま寺 西来院) which is another great opportunity for photos. There is no designated parking, so it's best to walk here.


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If you want a good workout for your glutes, check out the Kinjo Road (Map: 金城町石畳道). This cobblestone road leads back to Shuri-jo with numerous old sites. If you start at the coordinates, it's a bumpy uphill walk. Make the kids race up the hill to wear them out for the drive home.


Wear good walking shoes. Bug spray strongly suggested.


Nearby: Sueyoshi Park (there is a small playground, but this is mostly a trail park), Kokusai Dori

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