Senaga-Jima Crabs

Ages: All ages
Location: South
Coordinates: 26.1749172,127.6334606
Address: Senaga, Tomigusuku, Okinawa 901-0233
Cost: 0

Notes: Senaga is a small island that is basically just beaches and food. After crossing the bridge, head to the left. You'll see signs to watch for crabs crossing. Keep driving around until you reach the parking areas near Umikaji Terrace (the place with all the buildings). From here you can walk around the whole island in about 40 minutes. At low tide, you can also find soldier crabs here like the ones at Tonnaha Beach.


There are a few monuments, a castle ruins (smaller and nothing like Katsuren or Zakimi, just a heads up), and a fiddler crab shaped playground on the right side of the island near the baseball field. The water is pretty calm at the beaches, but I wouldn't recommend going there to swim. You can certainly let the kids wade, but if you're planning to work on your tan, you are going to be out of place. Think of the beaches here as more of a park.


At Umikaji Terrace, you can grab some ice cream at Tokidoki Fruits. Check out Hammock Cafe La Isla for a relaxing view of the ocean.


After all that walking, stop and rest at the free foot onsen (hot water bath). Tattoos are not an issue here so go ahead and pop a squat. This location is also great for watching the sunset or for a date night.

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