Peace Prayer Park Playground

Ages: All ages
Location: South
Coordinates: 26.0990292,127.7206427
Address: 〒901-0333, Mabuni, Itoman, Okinawa 901-0333
Cost: 0
Notes: Peace Prayer Park is a huge memorial to the casualties of the Battle of Okinawa. The museum is very informative and sobering. It's not generally a place to be considered for a family outing, but it has an awesome playground. There are several areas for all ages. Once the kids are done, take a stroll to the bluffs and get a view of the Pacific Ocean.

PP-01.jpg PP-02.jpg

If you have older kids, Giza Banta Cliff tidepools (Map: 慶座絶壁(ギーザバンタ)) is a great place to explore. This should only be done at low tide! When the tide is out, you can walk the reef. There's also a low waterfall on the cliff that's dependent on how much it has rained. There will be several clear pools deep enough to swim in and with colorful fish. I'd advise going with 8+year-old kids. It's a steep walk down and there's a lot of jagged rocks for little feet to trip on (plus you'll also want to swim and enjoy yourself).


Nearby: Odo or John Man Beach, Forest of Horohoro trail, Oujima, Mibaru Beach, Okinawa World, Valley of Gangala

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