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On February 15th, Kanehide's head office announced that they will soon be opening the first 7-Eleven in Okinawa. The same day, they held a customary ground-breaking ceremony for the store's construction.

The 7-Eleven is planned to be in located in what is now the parking lot of Sun Plaza in Itoman.

Construction of the 200 square meter convenience store is slated to begin on February 20th and they are expected to complete it sometime in June. However, the public grand opening of the 7-Eleven isn't planned until July.

Kanehide and 7-Eleven have also signed a franchise agreement. This will allow for expansion of the franchise throughout the Okinawa Prefecture.
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I was driving through Itoman to get to Yaese to see a war memorial today and just so happened to pass Sun Plaza. I got these pictures today to confirm that 7-Eleven is being built.

Whether on time, I don't know.



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