Ishikawa Rope Trails / Ishikawadake

Pronounced: Dake (DAW-kay), meaning mountain.


There are 3 three intersecting trails and a basic park trail with several stair sections. Mountain trail, river, small waterfalls, stairs, various plants, and insects.


The park trail has a 2 story 'castle' that allows for a great view.


Ages: 8+
Location: Central
Coordinates: 26.4449567,127.8327012
Address: 3259 Ishikawa, Uruma, Okinawa 904-1106 (Google calls it Uruma Citizen's Forest Park)
Cost: Free
Notes: Depending on pace, plan for 1-3 hours. This is a pretty well-trodden area but stay on the trails and be especially aware of surroundings in the river area (Course C) for potential habu. If you have knee or back issues, it's recommended to start at the far left of the river (Course C) and climb up the ropes on the right. Personal experience- do not attempt the top of the mountain when muddy. The trail at the top is where the rain runs down and it becomes very slick.

The park trail is manageable with baby-wearing or toddlers.

Bug Spray is a must. Pick up some cheap gloves from Daiso or Tabata's for the ropes. Throw a couple of towels in the car in case of mud. Don't forget to bring water!

Nearby: Adventure Course (recommended for 5+), CoCo's Curry, Hungry Taco's, Iha Park, Uruma Farm, Cave Okinawa

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