Fun 49th Naha Tug-of-War Festival

Fun things to do in Okinawa
The 49th Naha Tug-of-War Festival will be held on October 12 through October 14, 2019.

This festival is broken into three parts with all three days having games, food vendors, and a firework displays at Oonoyama Sports Park.

On Saturday, October 12, there will be a parade on Kokusai Street taking place from approximately 1130 to 1400 with various starting locations along the street.

Sunday, October 13, will host the famous giant Naha tug-of-war, with two 100-meter long ropes attached to one another, spanning down Route 58 at the far intersection connecting to the southern end of Kokusai Street from 1430 to 1700.

Please note that outside knives, drinking, and the use of drones for photography at the tug-of-war event is prohibited.
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