Fun 3rd Annual Okinawa Americana Fest

Fun things to do in Okinawa
The 3rd Annual Okinawa Americana Fest will take place on September 15th on the first-floor of Koza Music Town Center.

This event is hosted by Okinawa Americana, Gate 2 Garage, Nashville Okinawa, CRAZYz Chicken N' Waffles Koza Express, and WMD Street Food.

Entry to the event will be free.

There will be live music and musical performances by the Kluso Band, Mahalo, Nashville Okinawa Line Dancers, III Marine Expeditionary Force Band, Keiko, Scoty Doesn't Know Band, Okinawa Americana, and more.

Exceptional food will be prepared by CC's Chicken, WMD Smokin Slabz BBQ, Islepasta Lovers, and other vendors during the event.

There will also be other arts and cultural experiences to enjoy as well.

Mark your calendars; the doors open at 12:00.

Okinawa Americana Fest Flyer
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