Fun 30 Minutes Of Fun For 500 Yen At Molly Fantasy!

Fun things to do in Okinawa
Spending summer in Okinawa is not as easy as you thought it would be?

I know, most people who visit here probably have no idea how hot it can be or as frequent as it can rain—even in the summer—until they actually get here.

If you're a tourist and your main purpose of visiting Okinawa is to go to the beach, just stay on the alert for heatstroke. Heatstroke can be so easy to come down with, and this is shown by the number of people taken to hospitals every year for it.

"Where else can I go for fun if not a beach then?"

I personally would say, "Have a cold beer indoor!" Nonetheless, that sometimes doesn’t work out if you have a child(ren). So, here’s a great place that both you and your kids can totally enjoy!

Molly Fantasy arcade!

The arcade Molly Fantasy, located inside of the AEON / Jusco malls around Okinawa

As many of you probably already know, it's an arcade located inside AEON Jusco.

Compared to the ones in the states like Chuck E. Cheese, it can be very pricy to amuse a kid at an arcade in Okinawa as almost all the games there cost 100 yen or more.

A scooping machine at the arcade (usually 100 yen each play) Pusher games at the arcade (usually 100 yen each play)

However, they started this awesome system that you and your kids can play as much as you want for either 30 or 60 minutes for a small fee!

The two plans you can choose from for free play at Molly Fantasy

There are two options: One of which costs 500 yen which includes 2 claw games, 30 tokens, and 30 minutes of free play while the other is 1000 yen and includes 5 claw games, 100 tokens, and 60 minutes of free play.

A bowling game at Molly Fantasy A boat racing game at Molly Fantasy Water shooting game at Molly Fantasy

The free play time includes many of the other games such as Taiko drums, Mario Kart racing, and the shooting games as well!

Mario Kart racing at the arcade

Both plans will end up saving you around 50% or more as the claw games and tokens alone are valued as much as you pay upfront.

Claw games at Molly Fantasy

What you have to do is pretty easy:

Go to the counter and tell the staff which plan you want to purchase.

Pay the price plus a 100 yen deposit which will be returned when returning the card.

Get the card and go find the games that have the card reader.

The card on a lanyard to use on the games at Molly Fantasy

Scan your card and play!

The card scanner for free play at Molly Fantasy

The card will stop working at the designated time and instead of green lights, you'll see red.

After playing, return the card and get your 100 yen deposit back as well as the tokens that can be used on other games.

Tokens to use on other games at Molly Fantasy

I have to say, that this is a pretty great deal and our daughter has never enjoyed playing in the arcade this much!

A ball shooter in the Arcade A fun game where you have to push the ping pong balls into the hole with a water gun; behind it a two-player pinball game.

Summer here is still hot but don’t let that stop the whole family from enjoying the day!

Games for toddlers at Molly Fantasy

The pictured Molly Fantasy is inside AEON Haebaru:
AEON Haebaru

South  AEON Haebaru

AEON Haebaru—From dietary supplements (DHC) to clothing (GAP) to shoes and more in a modest-sized and open mall layout.
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We have just been to the one in Oroku and they had the same deal!

They had different rides there that cost 200 yen and my kid had fun riding on those. ;)

She definitely loved the system and we saved a lot of money! Thank you for the info! ?

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