A Journey With Okinawa.Org

About Us


Okinawa.Org was co/founded in December 2018 by David and Yukie as there was a perceived need of a locally owned and operated community for expats and tourists alike that recognized the need of a pseudonymous way of communication in and about Okinawa.


Our mission at Okinawa.Org is to bring the people of, and those interested in, Okinawa together in one convenient place.

We are achieving our mission through developing a portal that has a one-sided blog with the ability for the general public to expand on topics further; a forum for open community discussion; a Places business directory where long term residents of Okinawa can leave reviews of places that they frequent in order to provide the best opinion on an establishment; an events calendar that keeps the English speaking Okinawan community informed about upcoming events; a classifieds system to buy, sell, trade, and seek employment in Okinawa; and a media gallery which supports rich media that will be preserved at print quality for generations.


Our vision is to give back to the people of Okinawa. The ultimate vision of being a charitable organization will come to fruition when we are successfully able to accomplish our mission of mass user adoption. For now, we will give as much as we can. However, we have larger ambitions for the future of helping feed the hungry, saving stray animals, and keeping the island clean.


With that said, we invite you to register for Okinawa.Org and come take the journey of making Okinawa a better place together!